On our way to Rally Charlevoix 2019

Rallye Mitsubishi Evo - Charlevoix CRC
Rallye Mitsubishi Evo - Charlevoix CRC

Only a couple hours before the start of the Charlevoix Rally in Quebec! For the first time in many years, it will be part of the Canadian Championship. This event is one of our favorites since our the beginning. The beautiful landscapes, the fast roads & the passion of the fans is what makes us come back every year.

The car is now fully Open Class Specs

After having work really hard on the car, it is now full Open Spec! A lot of work was done to remove weight this winter. After that, it was time to upgrade the engine mecanic. After more than 75 rallies with the same engine, we decided to rebuild it with stronger components. Thanks to AZE, Serge Turquote Racing & Emerald Coast Motorsport for helping us in this project. Turbo Parts Canada provided us with a competition turbo to be sure it could handle what is coming 😉

Once everything was back where is was supposed to be, it was time to reprogram the engine computer with all of these new components. Eric Courshène from Compact Autosport was our choice to make sure that the car would perform but reliable as well!

At this time of the year, we need to be ready for all types of temperture, even more when you’re racing in the Charlevoix region! Our sponsor Hoosier racing tires made sure we had the right tire for every condition! They asked us to try the new soft compound gravel tire. This set of tires will excel in cold conditions in the morning or during the night stages.
With the tarmac stages in town, hoosier also hooked us up with their rallycross tires. We will have a set of dry tarmac and one for the wet conditions in case of rain. Whatever the conditions, we will be ready to tackle the « La Malbaie » stages!

With this wide variety of tires, we needed new wheels. We are proud to welcome a new partner in the team! RTX Wheels are our choice for our new tarmac tires!